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GC’s  (Generation C)
is the new incarnation of Global Citizen

We must make sure we can eat without risking poisoning, drink without feeling sick, breathe without suffocating. We must be in a position to decide without being the victims of important manipulations orchestrated by public institutions and or private (UN, World economy forum, WEF, CEE, McKinsey, BlackRock, Vanguard…) themselves influenced by lobbies or by political economical and financial personalities that are not always disinterested. 


We need to debate sensitive issues while remaining aware of the possible consequences in the near or distant future whether about breakthroughs in science (AI = Artificial Intelligence), genetic manipulations, digitalization of the world, armament… or on political decisions. 


We need to impose ethics, coherence and have those involved in politics shoulder responsibility by developing a different approach to the use of power. We have inherited a neo-liberal system which gives way to an incoherent form of management, itself catastrophic and irresponsible for our planet. It is about time we gave our lives another dimension than that of mere consumers caught in a violent system that enslaves human beings. 

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