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GC Charter

Generation C – Charter of Values


To join the "Generation C" movement, I certify that I have read this charter of values and agreed with all of its content.


I declare my adherence to the awakening of individual and collective consciousnesses, starting with the understanding and awareness that one has of oneself.


I am committed to fighting against all manifestations of selfishness and excesses while controlling any corruption of character, megalomaniac or greed buried within me.


I pledge to stand for what's right, to focus on the collective good and in “living together”. To take a social role that demands from me mastery, serenity, humanity, grace, simplicity, modesty, mercy, soulfulness, freedom, patience, loyalty, and gentleness towards others.


I owe to myself to distinguish myself from others, to shine in their midst, to have an ethic and an aesthetic seen as a role model by my peers.


I owe myself to magnify my life and the life of others, to make it a work of art, imprinting on the world a legacy of wisdom, compassion, and altruism.


I adhere to the principle that our greatest wealth, citizens of the world and members of Generation C, is above all our human relationships, our solidarity, our resilience and our innate compassion.


I pledge to speak true, without lies, kind and appropriate to others with regard to gender, beliefs, political views, origins, sexual orientation, or social background.


I am committed to acting with empathy and fairness, to avoid any wrongdoing or injury to people and animals. To respect human beings in their universality, cultural diversity, origin,  skin color, or gender. 


I understand we are all part of the same species, Homo Sapiens, whose lives are currently unstable and our future uncertain. In this context, I declare myself a citizen of the world, belonging and sharing the same planet.


I adhere to the principle of common naturalness which affirms that we are not "masters and owners of nature" but have instead a common destiny with it.


I declare my respect for all the ecosystems' equilibrium on which our Mother Earth is founded, and on which our sustainability as an animal species depends. The pursuit of my personal well-being must not interfere with the well-being of our planet. I, therefore, accept to actively protect and respect our common environment with no excuses.


I adhere to, and lead within Generation C, a reflection on the search and implementation of common values based on the philosophy and art of living together, with a common vision of our society while accepting differences and diverse points of view. I will actively promote cooperation with harmony and tolerance for a better-shared existence.


Considering the environmental challenges we face (such as the limitation of natural resources, social and economic inequalities, the climate crisis or worldwide health pandemics) I commit to the world of tomorrow, to promote a plural universalism that allows different cultures, religions and philosophies to dialogue and find solutions to the issues we have at hand and work together for the common good. Both for my country and for the world at large.


I understand my country’s place and the importance it has in the world, and its role in the life we can envision for tomorrow. Both as a state taking part on international affairs to resolve our current divisions towards common citizenship, and on the individual level with the role my life has on it. I declare myself committed to the world of tomorrow.

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