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GC Charter

I declare that I adhere to the awakening of an individual and collective consciousness starting with my own. I am first and foremost one soul among others sharing a common destiny with earth and people. 


I am committed to fight off all forms of selfish drifts, to get under control the degrading upsurge of greed buried inside of me and I am determined to dedicate my life to harmonious conviviality. 


I pledge to stand for what is fair. I know that it requires control, serenity, humanity, grace, simplicity, modesty, understanding, greatness of soul, patience, loyalty, benevolence, kindness and gentleness towards my fellow human beings. 


It is my duty to magnify my life and the life of others, to make it a work of art, imprinting on the world a legacy of wisdom, compassion, and altruism.


I adhere to the principle that the most beautiful richness for us, members of Generation C is above all human solidarity. 


I am committed to be a thoughtful listener, respectful of peoples’ genre, beliefs, political opinions, origins, sexual orientations and social backgrounds. 


I am respectful of the balance of those ecosystems that sustain Mother Earth. I am committed to act with empathy, not to harm nor cause wounds to any living species on earth and to protect them.


I am committed, given the planetary challenges we are facing and while looking at the world ahead that we have to build, to favor a dialogue between the different cultures, religions or philosophies so as to build together. 


I give myself the courage to invent and give shape to other forms of social and political models so as restore humanity in our civilization. 

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