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GC’s (Generation C)
is the new incarnation of
Global Citizen

What's a GC?

Generation C is a collective movement heralded by the young who wish to question and transform our ways of life, our consumers’ habits, and our social organizations. 


GC is longing to invent, imagine and embody a new generation of thinkers, of souls, of citizens, a new generation of people who are awake, aware, committed, and empathetic and who strive to put back meaning into their lives as individuals and as a species. 

Who we are
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A new generation of beings

Generation C is the youth branch of the international movement of the Convivialist. Being trans-generational, it intends to invent ‘’a new civilization’’ and to build a post-Neo liberal world to rise up to the challenges of our times. 

Convivialism is a philosophical movement expanding around the world, nurtured by the French sociologist Alain Caillé. He aims at merging initiatives that would suggest an alternative to the neoliberal organization of the world.




The common denominator of these initiatives is the research of “an art of living together” (con-vivere) encouraging human beings to care about each other and about nature without ignoring the legitimacy of conflicts but by using it as a stepping stone for dynamism and creativity.


The second manifest Convivialist (actes sud 2020) has been co-signed by about 300 intellectuals representing a panel of academic disciplines and by essayists with very diverse ideological sensitivities representing 33 different countries.      

Mission & Vision


Cultivating the art of living together

Claimings & Values

Faced with these systemic and global crisis, we will have to focus our efforts on the causes of the problems taken as a whole before worrying about the possible consequences. We wish to anchor ourselves in a long term vision of our future without any type of election in mind, an approach of the world seen through the prism of Glocal (global outlook, local action).

Generation C demands from politicians diplomats, influential people, intellectuals, essayists, thinkers and wise men or from religious leaders to come forward with answers tailored to systemic crises bearing in mind that time is ticking and that our current system has reached its limits. 


Our generation demands a world that is steadfastly ethical and coherent. We fight against any type of lies, manipulations and forms of corruption, whether within political spheres, journalistic or within the world of affairs, finance or diplomacy. We loathe narcissism, self centeredness, individualism and the desire of super power (hubris).

Our movement presents itself as the incubator of new ideas and concepts revolving around topics such as one’s rapport to time, to the world, love, death, the role played by economy in our societies.. GC aims at redefining our existential, spiritual and philosophical values to work at re-humanizing our civilization. This movement cultivates the art of living together by teaching to take stands without killing. It aims at suggesting a social and political reorganization at the scale of our planet. 


The mission of GC is to sensitize and bring together the youth in particular as they are the ones who are the most preoccupied by our future. It calls for all individuals, associations, groups or organizations which have in common the rejection of the values of our modern societies based on individualism and overconsumption, i.e the new form of “modern slavery”, to come together. 



Co-Founder & President of Generation C

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Adana Mam Legros

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Co-Founder of Generation C

Pierre Legros


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