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Artistic Activism

“Artistic/Activism is a dynamic practice combining the creative power of the arts to move us emotionally with the strategic planning of activism necessary to bring about social change.”




Art has always played a major role in the changing of systems or of paradigms. A change in paradigm is to be envisaged factoring the Arts whether pictorial, cinematographic, literary, culinary, musical… 


Adana suggested a neuro-aesthetic concept that she theorized when exhibiting her artwork in New York in 2018. This concept aims at reconnecting the senses (sight, taste, and hearing) of the viewers, sharing a moment of conviviality. 

The brain and mind of the viewer will be stimulated simultaneously by Adana’s paintings thanks to the sharing of dishes and music. It is an invitation to enter a “meditative state” triggering off sensorial awareness towards interoception (a capacity to feel internal cognitive and emotional states). Adana tries to offer a user-friendly tool that can improve the process of emotional auto-regulation by combining body and mind. 


This project highlights the importance of contemplation to develop self-awareness in a world where human beings find themselves in a state of cognitive dissonance. 


Mobilizing the senses the way Adana does through neuro aesthetics, appears an innovative and unique approach. By meshing the artistic and the scientific world (neuroscience, neurology, psychology, psychoanalysis, philosophy…) a more spiritual dimension can be added to the artistic approach. Indeed, the ultimate goal is to foster a moral conscience of humanity defended by the Convivialists and expected by many. GC hence aims at encouraging artists from all over the world to commit themselves to this call to permit the emergence of a new civilization.


It is necessary to start factoring again the opinion, claims and the role of the youth in what they wish to decide for the future of the planet and the building of this new civilization. GC is a youth movement which aims at being trans-generational; the elderly should not feel isolated but made to contribute intelligently, coherently and ingeniously.


In this respect “existential cafes” will be open for all, but they will target the youth in particular (18 - 35 years old) who will be able to express themselves and exchange. The manifest of the Convivialists will be the reference document that will be used. The young will be accompanied by one or several experts that will define the fundamental measures to be taken in each field (political, psychological, philosophical and environmental). Each measure will be listed in a “notebook” that will be later submitted to the think tank of GC. The experts will be tasked with pondering everything over and give the gist, synthethizing the content of the measures.  


​Learned society 

This think tank is the backbone of GC. It will give it a political dimension while having a very specific mission and scope. These multidisciplinary groups formed by experts representing a wide range of fields (social, hard sciences and others) will be multicultural, to reach out to all and to look at the world and its destiny, globally. 


Its function will consist in making a diagnosis of the current state of the planet, to think about and discuss societal political philosophical, environmental, psychological and spiritual themes. It will bring reflections and answers on the modern world we live in.


In this new civilization, the think tank will also have to encompass the proposals of the national ‘’notebook for a shared future.’’

GC Movement
Think tank

Internationalizing GC in all the countries of the world under the patronage of GlobAction.

Based on GC France, national GC will be created in each country in the world with the coordination of GlobAction (An international coordination of GC national entities).  

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