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Women's Int. Day

While facing the pandemic, International Women’s day will be celebrated with a series of digital events from March 8th to March 15th. Adapting to the covid outbreak, and social distancing, this

digital’ based campaign will include a music video and profile series for the song ’‘Just like you’’ released by Baramey Production, featuring inspiring stories of women from three different generations, as well as a series of Coffee talks powered by Generation C Cambodia and Women in the City.

This year confronting the pandemic, there is a need for global resiliency and the stand-up for solidarity. This difficult time has forged a new world for us to live in together with complementarity. Celebrating International Women’s Days by engages both women and men in taking responsibilities together in our community. Reaffirming that we belong to single humanity.

A digital series of Coffee Talks with various speakers focusing on three important topics including.

  • Women in Leadership; An intimate discussion with H.E Chea Serey, followed by a round table including, Ms. Moni-Anne Trac, Ms. Sopahna Kham, Ms. Kaliane Tea, Ms. Adana Mam-Legros.

  • Cultural and Social Representation of Women in Cambodia; with Professor in Anthropology, Ang Choulean and Pr. in Archeology Seng Sonetra. Lastly

  • Women and Health During the Covid19 Crisis introduced by psychologist Ms. Chea Smnang and executive director of ICS-SP (Improving Cambodian Society through Skillful Parenting) Mr. Chhay Vivodin.

Complementarity & Duality 

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