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Environmental Kit

  A. Food: Reduce or change your consumption

  1. Eat less meat (Increase vegetable consumption)

  2. Eat local (avoid food that travel far from your location)

  3. Cut down on processed foods (Prepare food at home)

  4. Preserve the food in an adapted manner (decrease waste)

  5. Reduce your sugar consumption

  6. Use reusable bags at the grocery store

  7. Use reusable containers at home

B. Save energy (house) 

  1. Decrease all electrical consumption (Turn off electrical devices when not needed),

C. Save water consumption

  1. Use water as a valuable resource 

D. Recycling objects

  1. Decrease the use of any plastics 

  2. Recycle bottles, cans, newspapers, etc.

  3. Use Bin

E. Transportation: Change Your Means Of travels 

  1. Take public transportation

  2. Walk or ride your bike

  3. Spend Holidays closer to home

Social Kit

The principle of common humanity condemns all discrimination, of sex, skin color, belief, or religion.

The principle of common sociality affirms that the wealth for humans is first and foremost that of their social relationships.

The principle of creative opposition,  allows human beings to differentiate themselves by engaging in peaceful and deliberative rivalry for the common good. The same is true of ethics. 

The principle of legitimate individuation states that the primary motivation of humans is the quest for recognition.


A. Emotional intelligence (individual and collective level):

  1. Build self-awareness

  2. Tap into empathy

  3. Develop social expertness

  4. Hone your communication skills

  5. Don’t blame others


B. Creativity (individual and collective level): 

  1. Enhance your personal creativity through art (understand your feelings and approach/discover all your senses)

  2. Participate in volunteering action nurturing empathy and altruism 

  3. Participate/create commune social activities and create group expertise

  4. Create community challenges with responsible aims (cleaning public space, helping people in need, creating sports events….) 

Psychological Kit

A. Practice Mindfulness: 

  1. Practice meditation

  2. Practice forgiveness

  3. Practice kindness, empathy & compassion

  4. Reduce egoistic behavior

  5. Develop Spirituality


B. Emotional health : 

  1. Brighten your outlook/perspective

  2. Put you in a situation to reduce stress

  3. Strengthen social connections

  4. Creativity through all forms of ART



C. Reconnection with Nature (individual level): 

  1. Take time to unplug from your screens to enjoy nature

  2. Get outside every day for some sunlight and fresh air

  3. Take a walk in parks 

  4. Vacation in nature


D. Learn to know yourself (at an individual level): 

  1. Take time to be quiet and listen. Learn from your solitude. 

  2. Realize who you are and not whom you want or have to be.

  3. Confront and learn from your fears and traumas 

  4. Assess your behavior by being aware of your emotions, feelings, and actions/ reactions 

  5. Assess your relationships with yourself and your surroundings. 

  6. Learn resilience

  7. Follow a psychologist if necessary 

  8. Follow a psych-analysis in the pursuit of discovering yourself 

  9. Understand your egotistic part of ourself

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